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people I know… #1

I know a lot of talented people… It’s almost frightening how talented some of them are. The really cool thing about genuinely talented people is that they aren’t arrogant about what they do. In fact I find most of them are supremely humble. I suspect it’s partly because they work really hard at being as good at what they do as they are. Maybe it’s just a flaw in people with artistic or creative abilities to see their work with a critical eye and never really be satisfied with what they produce… So while strangers may fan-boy or fan-girl over them and their work and put them on pedestals, their friends and people who get to know them a little more as people, just think of them as, “Oh yeah that’s so-and-so. Yeah they’re fucking good at what they do, they’re also just so-and-so…”   I sometimes wonder,  if all the creative talent that I know personally got together, the world would probably fall under their collective power and I could become supreme overlord. I would fuck shit up…

Anyway… One of my favourite humans happens to be a killer photographer, among other brilliant qualities, and never likely to show off her skills with a camera in any sort of overt way… So I’ll do it for her. Like bragging on her behalf. She sent me these pretty much as I was headed down the mental toilet. They gripped me then and I still look at them on almost a weekly basis – I still love them that much. You can agree or not, I don’t know much about photography other than some images are way better than others, and for some reason these blow me away every time.





punk kids behaving… kind of.

Once again I was in UNIT11. This time though it was Friday, and instead of rock ‘n’ roll being the flavour of the evening, tonight we would be feasting on punk rock, in all its nauseating glory. Let’s be honest you don’t really expect punk to smell or taste that good, do you?

Fruit and Veggies were up first, and this was the first time I was seeing them as their newly arranged 5 piece. Fruit and Veggies play a sort of relentless upbeat ska- pop-punk with heavy influences from jazz in places. Purity’s voice is more like another instrument than just a vocal addition to the music and always makes me think of old school 50’s singers for some reason. It’s refreshing and shows the diversity of what punk kids will listen to and enjoy. It’s never lost on me just how much the younger gig goers love this band. From the very first song there is a wall of kids standing right up front at the stage with their fists raised, singing along. The drummer, Sweet Lou and bassist, Loopy ranted into the microphone simultaneously between songs at one point, and honestly that noise was the only unpleasant sound issued from the stage the entire set. Pure (Purity) was quite right in stating that, “That’s why you two don’t have mics.” A band made up of such characters, you expect something crazy to happen on stage, but alas, besides the awesome tunes and riot inciting pace Fruit and Veggies were surprisingly professional. These guys should go on tour and freak out some Jo’burg crust punks.

Next up Sibling Rivalry… With only a few minutes to catch their breath and replenish drinks the crowd was frothing thanks to Fruit and Veggies. What can I say about Sibling Rivalry that hasn’t been said before? These guys have been going for 10 years or something, and I’ve been watching them ever since I started going to live gigs. I know every song, just like every other punk in UNIT11. Almost all of their songs are about Durban, or the crew that have supported them over the years and the nights spent at shows.

This automatically endears them to everyone in the crowd because despite this sleepy town’s faults, those that live here love the shit out of “Dirtbin” and love the shit out of this band. Playing their own blend of punk, hardcore and Afro influenced ska, Sibling literally have every person in attendance standing and paying attention if they aren’t screaming along to every song like it’s their own personal anthem. Sibling Rivalry has in fact provided the misfit kids of Durban with anthems. I was stood behind the drummer for most of the gig, and in all my years of watching the band it provided a first time view of what it looks like from the bands perspective. The crowd literally goes fucking mental to them. Regardless of the heat, kids got dripping wet with sweat and didn’t relent for even a moment and neither did the band. It says something about a band, that even after 10 years of doing what they love they can still get upwards of 200 kids and kids at heart to utterly lose their minds temporarily.

Seventeen-year old girls to forty-year old men came out to UNIT11 to see the bands on Friday. Or at least the seventeen year old girls did. The old men might have just been there to perv, I know I did, except I’m still young enough for them to want to talk to me still, instead of being the creepy old dude who stares.  Regardless, it was good ol’ fashion, relatively clean fun for all. The two bands on the night had joined us all briefly in what I imagine a better world would feel like. Once the bands were done and the sweat had dried somewhat, the crowd dispersed in to the night leaving the folks at UNIT11 to clean up the mess, god there was a lot of broken glass. Where they went, I have no idea, but I’m sure I’ll see all of them again at the next punk show.

(All photos courtesy of the bands Facebook pages and my mad copy and paste skills.)

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