people I know… #1

I know a lot of talented people… It’s almost frightening how talented some of them are. The really cool thing about genuinely talented people is that they aren’t arrogant about what they do. In fact I find most of them are supremely humble. I suspect it’s partly because they work really hard at being as good at what they do as they are. Maybe it’s just a flaw in people with artistic or creative abilities to see their work with a critical eye and never really be satisfied with what they produce… So while strangers may fan-boy or fan-girl over them and their work and put them on pedestals, their friends and people who get to know them a little more as people, just think of them as, “Oh yeah that’s so-and-so. Yeah they’re fucking good at what they do, they’re also just so-and-so…”   I sometimes wonder,  if all the creative talent that I know personally got together, the world would probably fall under their collective power and I could become supreme overlord. I would fuck shit up…

Anyway… One of my favourite humans happens to be a killer photographer, among other brilliant qualities, and never likely to show off her skills with a camera in any sort of overt way… So I’ll do it for her. Like bragging on her behalf. She sent me these pretty much as I was headed down the mental toilet. They gripped me then and I still look at them on almost a weekly basis – I still love them that much. You can agree or not, I don’t know much about photography other than some images are way better than others, and for some reason these blow me away every time.





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