what happens when you get sick of job hunting? this…

So, not that anyone would know, I am on the job hunt… again. It hasn’t been long, and the old familiar frustration hasn’t taken long to resurface. The thing about familiarity is that it comes with a barge load of contempt. To say that the frustration has come back with a vengeance is an understatement. I should probably be ashamed of myself for what I am about to show you, but I thought it was amusing. It also serves as a bit of a cautionary tale to those unlucky enough to decide to try make a living off words. It’s not to put you off entirely though, I do love the work that I do, but to choose this life is to have the constant reminder that you will be rejected far more than accepted.

This is an email I received from, probably a very nice lady, who I contacted about a junior copywriter position. I’ve been doing freelance copy and design, with a short stint as an AE, since I left college 3 years ago. We emailed back and forth a few times and this is, safe enough to assume, the last correspondence between us (It actually wasn’t. She replied to this email and was super nice and understanding, which made me feel even more like a dick).

To: Pissing Blood

From: (Lady who sent me the wrong email at the wrong time)

Hi Pissing Blood

Thank you for sending through your portfolio, unfortunately your experience is not suitable for the position advertised. I will keep your details on file for future.

Are you looking for positions in Durban or Cape Town and what are you currently earning?

Warmest Regards,

(Lady who sent me the wrong email at the wrong time)

wtf, kid, fuck you

exactly my reaction

And my response…

To: (Lady who sent me the wrong email at the wrong time)

From: Pissing Blood

Hi (Lady who sent me the wrong email at the wrong time),

A pleasure. Not a problem. Not a line I haven’t heard before, but thanks all the same.

If I may ask a question before I answer yours, which by the way, one of which I find rather personal but will answer anyway. How is one supposed to get this elusive type of experience if one can’t even get a junior position? I am genuinely confused by this ever present requirement that I can never meet.

Now to answer your questions… I am looking for a position anywhere. One where I don’t earn minimum wage after studying for 6 years would be great… Yes, I earn minimum wage! Well to be fair, R300.00 more than minimum wage. (I had actually earned minimum wage that month) Interestingly, by my calculations, if I hadn’t seemingly wasted my time and money studying I could be earning, with a very conservative estimate, around R7 000 p/m by now.

Even more interestingly, I spoke to a “lady of the night” one unfortunate night waiting on the wrong street corner for a lift, that earns that kind of money in a weekend! Not even full days work either, only working nights! That sounds pretty grand to me. So I’ll take anything, anywhere, where I can write or get paid to debase myself only slightly less than selling my body. Could you find some noble employer or trick to throw that kind of cash my way? I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,
Pissing Blood

P.S. I don’t mean it personally, you can only imagine how many similar replies I’ve had in the last few years.

P.P.S. I understand if I get blacklisted because of this too…


1 Response to “what happens when you get sick of job hunting? this…”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    February 15, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    It sounds all to familiar , had this experience quite a few times .At least you got some sort of answer it’s when they don’t reply at all that your get paranoid. Like it though would not have the guts to reply I think more of us should reply then maybe they will get more creative with their silly replies hey

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