posts from the toilet: an accidental work of social commentary.

China… the land of the rising sun. Wait, that’s Japan. So the land of Communism, human rights violations, cheap shit, and a profound, and sometimes hilarious, misunderstanding of Western culture. They often come out with weird products that are completely misguided, comically named, or almost naively ironic. An example of all of these is…

China, Chinese products, Misunderstanding, Brilliant

Obama Ballpens

Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States, who will undoubtedly go down as a historical figure, in his own time, is unknowingly lending his somewhat fading integrity and trustworthiness to a lowly cheap-ass ballpoint pen made in Commie China and sold in developing South Africa. Talk about globalisation. The pens probably don’t even write more than a few words before giving up and disintegrating in your hand. This brand of pens says so much about the times we live in, and the country we’re lucky or unlucky enough, depends on your feelings about SA, to be born in. A world-renowned artist or designer couldn’t have gotten it so perfect…


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