pissingblood356days: A retrospective of a year of bleeding internally.

Today marks the one year anniversary of when I started this little blog… Reading back, I’m pleased to say that my writing has improved from those first few posts, enough to get me hired, and contributing to other sites anyway. The strangest spinoff is that it’s led to my becoming somewhat known in and around the social scenes that I tend to move around in. Seems every time I’ve been out the last few months someone has brought up what I’ve written about on here or some comment I made. Complete strangers walking up to me asking if I’m the guy with the pissingblood blog is weird. Having strangers contact me through facebook about it is even weirder. Not to worry, most of you are cool enough, and I’m glad that you enjoy my waffling enough to say so. I am slightly disappointed that I never got any hate from anyone about some of the more offensive things I’ve said, but then maybe I’m just attracting the sort of people who actually like what I say, and the rest just don’t feel the need to comment.

she loves pissingblood.wordpress.com

this is Irene, she's my biggest fan.

So with a year under my belt, I’m forced to give myself a review. A year in retrospective… With 12 months gone, 52 weeks and 356 days, I really should have posted more than the measly 27 posts that I’ve done. The grindhouse classic reviews have been popular from the very first and I should have done way more considering my B-Grade film collection is pretty extensive. At some point the film reviews may translate to actual screenings, if I decide to listen to the suggestions, and I find a venue and means to do it. My gig reviews, given the amount I went to, should have outnumbered any other kind of posts, but I ended up doing them for other sites and not sharing the links on here, sorry about that. One of the most popular posts I’ve ever had has been the Tale of Fail.

Mega-Darth-Tron, pissingblood47days

you might remember this guy... He still wants his balls suckled.

I could have done more, there are still many events in my life that in theory sound epic, but in reality are just sleazy and gross. My reluctance to share them in person seems to extend to sharing them on-line, but I will definitely attempt to write them for your combined enjoyment and disgust as well as some of the tales I’ve come across that border on urban legend status around Durban. The first few atheist and anti-religion posts were popular too, and I’ve had requests for more of those. In all honesty I got bored ripping on Christianity since it seems to be such popular soft target for a lot of people. After a discussion with some mates though I’ve decided I’ll do “religion reviews” much like the movie or gig reviews. From now on no religion is safe! The Christians can breathe easy and perhaps all the folk that live in make-believe worlds can have a laugh at each other. That is until I’m done in by some radical with a blood lust. It’s not fair to rip on the Christians only just because they’re likely to “turn the other cheek” or say something stupid. Some of you may not know this, but you can see the search terms people used resulting in them finding and coming on to your blog as well. I’m pretty convinced I get some of the sickest fucks with access to the internet going. Here are just a few of the weirder search terms used in finding my blog:

“boobs snaped on ramp” What does that even mean?

“man in front of toilet kneeling” How this has anything to do with anything I’ve ever written on here, I don’t know.

“the frothin snap back” Again, no idea what this means. Frothing is a term I’ve heard being thrown around so maybe someone could explain?

“men slap girls boobs” I talk about tits a lot, so fair enough, but why be mean to the girls boobs? They’re lovely.

“daddy boobs” That’s just gross. Why would you want to see that!?

“darth vader butfuck” Gay Star Wars porn… I’m not surprised. Sorry, Mega-Darth-Tron.

“boobs length beard” Again, a sight I don’t understand why anyone would want to see.

“anatomy of a female dog vagina” I seriously hope this person is a vet.

“can i have sex with an ingrown hair on pinale shaft?” … Probably, you disgusting bastard.

“moms who wanna diaper teen in durban kzn” I just hope that whoever this is not out walking around wherever I am.

“sex with 3 legged pimp midget” I want to see that too! Only out of morbid fascination though, of course…

From these searches it looks like my blog is about every weird fetish out there, but I assure you there are way more search terms that have nothing to do with tits or sex. There are search terms I was kind of flattered by, like, “something really fucking funny !” or “sexy crust punks”, I know it’s not actually directed at me, but I’ll take it. Some search terms stuck around and took some getting used to like the searches for my name and pissingblood in its many misspelled forms, but I guess it’s bound to happen. I was rather pleased that people searching SA music in general got my blog a few times too.

So there we go my dear readers. I’ve enjoyed writing for you, and it’s brought me great pleasure to know that you found it entertaining and you’ve kept coming back for more. I guess your opinions would be useful to know, even if I don’t pay any attention to them. I’ve never said it before, but you can always comment and give feedback, and unless you’re a twit, I won’t insult you out right and might consider the more reasonable requests and suggestions.  Posting naked photos of myself is an option, so feel free to send me some of yourself. Hopefully the next year will have plenty more posts and plenty more entertainment to keep you from going postal at your desk and killing the poor fucker next you. Thanks a bunch, you lovely cunts.


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