durban is yours, and mine, and his, and hers,and those peoples over there too…

I hail from a city on the East Coast on the tip of Africa known to some as, Dirtbin but to most on the outside as just plain old Durban… You may have also noticed that my relationship with this city and it’s occupants is a bit of a dysfunctional one. Bit like an abusive relationship that neither one of us can bear to leave. I’m not the only one who loves this filthy city though, and in an inspired move, a few of them decided to create a site that attempts to explore, share and get other people that live here out to enjoy what’s going on. Despite my crude rants about this city being asleep most of the time, there is in fact a lot of cool shit going down. So with the common love of Durban I agreed to join in on the endeavour and add my particular voice to the mix. I also love it when people make shit happen, and since these guys mostly come from the hardcore scene there is a strong DIY ethic to all of it. If you live in Durban, do yourself a favour and go over and check it out, at very least you’ll be inspired to do something with your useless self, or just go out and get shit faced, in which case, I’ll probably see you as you barrel onward to that inevitable hangover. For those of you who just want to read the usual bile I spew forth you can still catch a bit of that on there too. Go read my latest review, and check out the site in general. It’s a goodie, and I’d never lead you down the wrong path… Unless I had designs on molesting you, which in this case I don’t. Promise.

DIY, Durban Is Yours

“At yet another dub-step party… Where did I go so wrong in my life? What choices did I make, or fail to make, that have brought me to this?” These deep thoughts plagued me for longer than I usually allow my brain to stay coherent. Turns out, I was a bit quick to start the introspective examination of my life. No matter what kind of party it was, it was a club banger if there ever was one. – Click to read more.


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