no salacious headlines… it’s news, not celeb gossip!

I’ve never involved this blog in anything other than my own personal rants or interests. If you want to read topical news, go find a blog or site concerned with it… This is mostly about entertaining people. At least that’s what I intended. Today however, with this post at least, it’s a little different.

Across the SA blog-o-sphere there is much keyboard bashing over the recent arrests of a number local graffiti artists on Sunday morning while they were putting up a piece for a fallen comrade. It’s madness how they’ve been portrayed in the print media. The story was reported on by local newspaper the Natal Mercury, who in a dismal attempt to sell more issues, resorted to typical tabloid trash rag tactics. In other words, they misrepresented the truth to make it juicier to get the masses to buy their stinking recycled toilet paper, and they weren’t the only ones. National paper, The Citizen, are trying to get some of those sales too with an even more ridiculous tales.

I’m in no way linked to graffiti in any way, other than knowing a few painters through mates. Most of them are legitimate artists and designers these days as far as I knew, and I wasn’t even aware that the whole scene had as many as 7 people still actively involved. Although I don’t think putting up an annual memorial for a dead mate on what was believed to be a legal wall is really active… So from the community of hip-hop heads, painters and anyone under the age of 40, it would seem, is condemning the police for hauling these lads in to read them their rights and the salacious newspaper article that reported the events. For once I’m joining in on the parade.

We don’t live in a country where the cops have nothing to do other than harass some ill-behaved youths and the few legitimate spray-can wielding artists out there. This isn’t a fucking utopia where naughty kids are the biggest issue we have! So employing private investigators and using up resources to bust some guys that literally told the world about what they were up to over Facebook is just fucking retarded to anyone with an ounce of brain function. Private investigators gathering evidence against criminals, isn’t that what the cops should be doing? It’s pretty typical of the misspending of funds by authorities though, so no one should be surprised. Then there is the issue of a troop of cops running down graffiti artists when there are serious crimes being committed everywhere, all the time. Begs the question, what exactly do the policeman of this country do?

To add to the circus around us the police force has recently been on a “PR campaign” trying to get sympathy from the public by releasing numbers of cops killed. Don’t get me wrong, anyone being killed is a bad thing. I’m not trying to diminish the loss of life, and I empathise with the people affected by it. It has to be said that  the number of cops killed has been higher in the past, and not much of an attempt by the police force to let it be known was made.The recent cry for sympathy by piggies though, comes almost immediately after a lot of cases where excessive force was used on citizens committing minor offences if any, came to light. There is a general abuse of authority by thugs in uniform all over this country. I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded about how corrupt the fuckers are even at the very top. It seems the cops are as bad as the criminals that the public so desperately fear. Personally, I’d trust a drug dealer sooner than a cop and a graf kid before either of them.

Someone else I wouldn’t trust before a graf kid are the independent press apparently. After the public of SA has defended a “free press” from the politicians that would like nothing more than to see all journalists, who don’t tow the political agenda line, locked up and being corn-holed by real criminals, it’s a huge “Fuck you” from newspapers like the Natal Mercury and City Press who turn around and run stories of such utter bullshit. Natal Mercury’s handling of the public outrage is just salt in the wound really. Check out their Facebook page. Some of their response to people’s comments are fucking childish and outright sarcastic in my opinion. Me thinks the Natal Mercury is overconfident. You do realise you’re starting a fight with some really creative and subversive forces here? I expect they will eat their lies and misinformation pretty soon and learn the hard way not to piss of the public…

In a way of protest and trying to get the truth out about who these guys are and what they actually do, a site has been set up, Gangs of Graffiti. Check it out and show support. It’s about time citizens started standing up for each other, because politicians and cops in this country sure as fuck aren’t sticking up for anyone but themselves.


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  1. September 2, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Pulitzer prize substance in attendance.

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