i was going to be nice… rather not though.

This originally was going to be pretty balanced post imploring fellow atheists to not be such angry arrogant assholes towards anyone who believed in some higher power… That is until I actually thought about the exchanges I’ve had with religious people…

I don’t like religion. Any religion. Except maybe Buddhism, because it doesn’t go on about how you must believe in one particular sky daddy else you’re a fucking heathen and you’re going to go burn in hell. It still has far too much of the supernatural going on for me to take seriously though.

What drives me to the point of losing my shit, and becoming one of those people with high-powered weaponry in public spaces, is that as soon as someone challenges a religious person about their beliefs they come back with offensive notions about a person’s character and completely ridiculous claims about science and history! After that doesn’t fly, they either claim that you’re intolerant and a bad person, or just a lost soul that can’t be saved. These are easily the weakest and most presumptuous of conclusions to draw about any person!

Now you might ask, why challenge someone about his or her religious beliefs? Well that’s simple. I view religious people in the same way as I view racists. They are either intentionally evil, or too stupid to know better. Evil because you support an institution that preaches a system of beliefs that separates people based on archaic ideals, and has been directly or indirectly responsible for some of the most horrific acts in human history. Or you’re too stupid, to be able to discern fact from fiction and look at evidence as opposed to hearsay.

Even now in the year 2010, religion is still hell-bent on keeping everyone stupid by spreading misinformation about anything that contradicts it. Gravity, evolution and science in general are played off as mere theories that no one can say for sure if they’re true or not. History is ignored, distorted or fabricated to suit religion. It’s gotten to the stage where religion can no longer survive, so it’s attempting to send us all back to when the wheel was first invented. Just look at the ludicrous Creationist Movement to see what I’m talking about.

If you can, and do manage to correct this sorry deluded twit in front of you, the majority of the time they will shrug it off and carry on believing what they want. Their faith overrides facts and evidence. I can’t explain it and I can’t even begin to understand it. My solution however, is to actually do what all these religious nut bags fear, start persecuting them! Throw rocks and insults until they run away crying. I’m sorry. I wish I could offer up a better solution, but frankly it is almost impossible to talk sense to these people. I give up. Hate on them atheists! Make them feel small and stupid and scared to leave the house so that we can all get on with our lives.


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