Rap Rave the next/new Punk?

Fight Club meets Eminem meets the most exploitative B-grade horror movie I ever saw meets a pap sak and a rough Afrikaans chick. All stitched together like Frankenstein, and instead of a heart he got the moldy fetid corpse of punk stuck in his chest to pump his black mucus like blood, and the nauseating stink has reached the overseas and is stinging a few nostrils everywhere. Punk once and for all is dead. It has been made obsolete, and this is coming from a hard and fastened punk. I have “These are 3 chords, now go start a band’ imprinted on the inside of my skull. Punk rock in all manner, shape and form has crossed my plate and I ate it up. I am, and always shall be a punk. Even after this revelation I’m afraid. Perhaps a few of you are wondering what the fuck has got me downing my very kin. I will enlighten you brothers and sister… This monster I speak of is Die Antwoord.

Die Antwoord's new SOS

I know what you’re thinking… I’m on drugs again and I need to be taken to a safe place, locked in a room preferably with padding and not let out until the narcotics doing a number on my sanity have worked their way out of my system. But alas, I have no such drugs bending my reason to breaking point. I have only Die Antwoord’s newest video. Fuck me it is good. I, like a lot of the cynical bastards out there, on hearing they had signed to a major American label, thought right well that was fun, but it’s over now. I laughed at their lyrics and their crazy bergie vibe, it was like watching a freak version of Leon Schuster. But after being picked up by the Americans it was all going to be dumbed down, cleaned up and homogenized to fit in to some marketable bracket that they could pump for every penny they could get. Not so! Thank god. Ninja and Yo-Landi’s latest offering defies written explanation and needs to be seen to be understood. Die Antwoord: Evil Boy is the, I assume, lead off single to their reworked, re-polished album SOS.

(Keep in mind this Blog in itself is NSFW, it follows that any links on it would be too, but I warned you, so don’t bitch…)

Watched it? Get what I’m talking about yet? Fine, you fuckwit I’ll explain… In a quick summary, punk as an idea was to create something that stood out, stood up and screamed so loud the spittle landed on the cats and burnt like acid and everyone thought it was the world ending. It wasn’t of course. It was perhaps the old world ending, making way for what was to come. The uglier and meaner you could make your music, art, film, photographs, magazine, clothes, whatever, the better. Just to fuck with them. You may not have understood or identified with any of it, but you stood back and gave it space and listened, and you either joined in and had

Joe Strummer

the fun or cowered away and called it evil or shit. Now if you transplant that description on to Die Antwoord I’m pretty sure you’re still hitting a bull in the eye.

So yeah, it most definitely doesn’t sound like punk, and to anyone that understands punk already knows that punk was never going repeat itself in the same fashion. It was however going to offer up the same villainy that could be used to create. Create whatever. If this is something as important as punk was, the precursor to, or just a blip that no one will remember, however unlikely that seems to me, I can’t say for certain. What I can say is that I like it.  I just hear echoes of the great Joe Strummer,  all praise be to him, on seeing the Sex Pistols for the first time talking about his first band the 101ers, “I just knew… We were dead, old news.


2 Responses to “Rap Rave the next/new Punk?”

  1. 1 omanko filla
    November 26, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    i think you should remove this post…

    your blog is to good for shit like the antwoord.

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