Famous For Fuck All

Celebrity… The very notion of it makes me want to start swinging a bat violently at random. I fucking hate celebrities. Not on any personal basis, because I’m sure most of them are just pretty ordinary people who just happen to do a job that puts them in a position of being admired by a lot of other incredibly ordinary people. I hate celebrities because of the people who are interested in them. They talk about celebrities as if the stupid shit that gets them in to the tabloids is some how news. I couldn’t be less interested. When friends of mine start to tell me about people who I don’t know, I tell them to shut their mouths until they have something of value to discuss. I don’t know who these people are, and thus, do not give the most minuscule of baby fucks, what they do. Just because, in the case of celebrities, I can put a face to a name, and perhaps a sort of personality to it as well, does not mean I give any more of a fuck about them, than the sad cunt my mate just mentioned. No matter how fucked up and crazy the story may be. I still do not care! Who they are going out with, who is breaking up, who is cheating on who, who has “beef” with whoever, this one got drunk, that one does drugs, she flashed her vagina. It’s all so fucking normal! Let me explain why, it’s really because all those stories, happen to everyone! I can literally take all those stories, substitute the names of those celebrities, with people I actually know in real life, and no one will be interested.

In fact, I’m dead certain I know people with sex tapes too. But then that’s different I guess. I have this weird obsession with wanting to see someone I know in a porno and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. Not for any perverted reason, I don’t want to sit and whack off to it. I just think it would be super entertaining. Preferably one of the more attractive people I know. I unsurprisingly know a few ugly people, who I even now, cringe at the thought of seeing naked, never mind engrossed in the act as they bang bits together. Hold on! I need to just pause here, and go for a quick sick.

Anyway, back to celebrities… The kind of celebrity that really gets my tits in a twist are the kind that didn’t actually do anything themselves to become famous, you know what I mean,

Famous For Nothing

Squint Eye and Fat Ass

the squint-eyed Paris Hilton, big ass Kim Kardashian and every other one that fits into their ilk. What the fuck are people thinking? Most of them strike me as untalented hanger-on’s that got far too much attention paid to them in the first place and now we can’t get rid of them! The worst of this lot seem to come out of, and no offence meant here, Britain. Who the fuck is Jodie Marsh, and why the fuck, do I know her name in South Africa? This orange piece of plastic shit has managed to worm her way in to my world via the Internet, and I am pissed off about it! I don’t know this woman, and if I ever met her I would put her on my shit list and avoid all further contact. How I came to learn this woman’s name annoys me the most. Jodie Marsh: Tattoo Apprentice. Yes, she has infiltrated the tattoo world with her pathetic attempt at staying in the media with yet another reality show where she attempts to become a tattoo artist. I personally know a few a tattoo artist types, and most of them are genuinely passionate and love the art form. I respect the guys doing the show, their artwork is some of the best in the world and they’re famous, to those that care about tattoos, for a reason. Unlike the slimy media whore Jodie Marsh.

Who is this bitch? No, you can't have it. I'd rather blow it into the toilet.

The world of tattooing is a seedy one, and we like it like that, but having it linked to a total waste of life, like Jodie Marsh seems exploitative. There are few things I hate more in this world is the mainstream co-opting and stealing from sub-cultures blurring the line between us and them. Sub-cultures, in this case, the tattoo culture, are in the most part meant to stay out of the norm and by doing so challenging people who come across them to change their ideas about the world. Perhaps this is how sub-cultures influence mainstream pop culture. I just thought it might have been done with a bit more integrity and by someone who understands what it is they are effectively representing to the rest of the world.


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    September 30, 2010 at 8:36 am


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