For Your Entertainment.

After much deliberation and procrastination, I have finally given into the idea of starting a blog. I personally, always wondered what kind of person would bother writing a blog, and putting it up on the Internet for others to read with the assumption that whatever they had to write about would be of the slightest interest to someone other than themselves and their best friend, who is a cat. After being hounded by some friends, I did some research and found quite a few blogs that I actually like, but found even more that are no more than on-line diaries. What struck me as even more disturbing than people who write blogs, are the people who read blogs, regularly, and even post comments of encouragement and support. It didn’t take me long to figure out, that the people who spend all day looking at blogs are actually people at work, who are too bored to continue doing what they’re paid to do, opt instead to read bullshit, written by near morons, on the Internet. I drew the conclusion that I could write about almost anything, as long as it was more entertaining than whatever the poor soul chained to their desk had to do, and since most of them sit on facebook, or google-search images of cats or watch porn, the only thing I would really have to compete with then would be “teen gagging on cock” videos. Since I can’t possible match the entertainment value offered up by naked, young ladies performing fellatio on impossibly large penises I’ll have to conceded and settle for second place.

This might be better than my writing

So, after finally sitting down to do this first post I now have to contend with – what should my first topic be? Keeping in mind that this very first post will set the tone for further posts and be my introduction to the blogging community. I sat racking my brain and even browsed other blogs to see what other’s had said, but I quickly lost interest in their thoughts and decided that what I had been thinking about writing before sitting down to actually write was quite good already, and you’ve just read that, so enjoy. Let’s hope you were entertained for the few minutes it took to read through this drivel. I trust it was probably better than the, 14th status update today, by that vague acquaintance you have on facebook, and slightly more compelling than the picture of the cats interspersed with photos of “pussies”, but not quite as riveting as the 2 minute porno clip you just watched. I will hopefully come up with something better next time. Sorry. Try to remember this was my first time. Like many of our first times, involving pleasing another person, they were haphazard and largely just failures. Thankfully though, I can post as often as I like and will improve pretty quickly, unlike you, and your first time, where the other person involved was probably less enthused or didn’t bother to answer any of your texts afterwards and it took you another 2 years to find someone else willing to poke around your nether regions. Yes, they only wanted to sleep with you so they could brag to their friends about taking your virginity, and probably made cruel jokes about your body and your performance. No, that didn’t happen to me, before you begin to think that I’m possibly projecting my own bad experiences. I just know that’s what happened to you. Anyway if this post disappoints you, here is a link to a pretty good porno clip I just watched to make up for it,

“Teen gagging on cock”.

You didn’t offer a consolation prize that’s why they made fun of you.


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